February 18, 2008

Surprise Sweet Candy Pieces for 50K Hits

Aloha All!!! My Surprise Sweet Candi Pieces for 50K hits will be shipped tomorrow!!!! 5 lucky winners will receive a "SURPRISE!!!!" in their mail box, and I hope it is YOU!!!!!! Here are the goodies that are in each bag. Cards that are given are not created by me, but are card front swaps that I have received in the past, that I have attached to white card stock and can be used by it's receiver, comes with a clear envelope. Cards are not the same in each baggie. There is also 1 ready to make card kit that it's receiver will use their own stamps, and create a layout of their own with the layers I provided. These are actually extra card kits that I made for classes. There is also a cut out of a triangular box, that the receiver can stamp, design, and have for herself. A handful of buttons, 1 spool of ribbon, 1 4x4 circle coaster, 1-3x3 card with envelope (not shown), and 1 set of Q&C buckles.

If you are NOT chosen this time around... don't let it get to ya! I have another giveaway coming up real soon.... too soon if you ask me!!! **hint, hint**

Hugs to all....