February 12, 2008

Some Awards Received

I've received some awards recently, thanks to Ms. Flossie! She is so sweet to always nominate me for these sweet awards!!! I would nominate as well, and nominate her first, if she wasn't already nominated! Hahaha... the woman is loved through out blogland... and so I am so not surprised whenever I see how many times she's been nominated!! ETA: Laura Roth has also nominated me. Thanks Sweetie!!!

So I must pass on these great awards, and keep it going... those of you that always leave me comments, you always make me smile. If you have a blog of your own - consider yourself a recipient of this award.

As for the Blog of Excellent Award, everyone does a great job in keeping their blogs up to date, and posting on a daily basis. You all work so very hard, and I truly believe that your blogs are totally EXCELLENT! But to point out a few of the ones I enjoy.....

  • Allison "Stampin When I Can": For her innovated ways in organizing her blog so that it works for EVERYONE!!! Thanks Allison!
  • Maria "Card Inspired": For posting new stuffs ALL THE TIME!! She's got tutorial, after tutorial, and is just so great when she explains it on her blog. In addition to this blog, she's also got another one going on at the same time. She's busy, busy, busy - and never slows down!!!!!
  • Mia "Mia's Magic Mojo": Mia is pretty cool!! I love her color combos on all her stuffs. Colors are popping every single time I head on over to her blog. She has a very refreshing site, feels like I've been splashed in the face with water when I get there.
  • Dawn "Treasure Oiler Designz": Dawn's creations are pretty fresh too! I love her stuff. They are clean cut n' refreshing, just like her blog. Also love her "sassy" profile photo... it says, "want me to stamp for you?!"... hahahhaaaa
  • Ana "Ink A Stamp": This woman has got some serious coloring skills! I love love love love love her coloring.... she is amazing. Her blog is organized, well-filled and stocked with her beautiful creations. She makes stamp images look amazing, even if they don't when you look at them at first. It is no wonder why she makes it on great DT's!!!
Ok, I think that's enough for now...