February 23, 2008

Shame On Me...

It's Saturday, and I'm posting!! Ahh!!! Well, it's cause I wanted to share this RAK that I've received from Maria. Shame on me!!! I had this card, and I forgot to post it!!!! It came along with all the other goodies that Maria sent... you know, the CTMH catalog, and that beautiful stamp set. Maria reminded me to play with my CTMH stamps, and stop collecting them - no, she didn't literally call me or email to tell me that, sending her very pretty card did it!!! I had them all in a plastic box container that I purchased from CTMH... and guess what?!?! They were sitting around, practically changing color and I haven't even touched them yet. Yea, some of them are now a yellowy color, but it's ok - cause it still does its function. So, I transferred them all out of their plastic envies, and moved them over to a 3 ring binder. I just have to decide if I want to remove that plastic sheet, and stick the acrylics directly to the storage board, as this'll probably save me on more space, but I think I am trying to keep all the sets together. But isn't that mento?!?! I should just do it, cause it'll allow me to mix all the stamps together anyways, right?!?! Ok.... sorry for the rambling.... I think it's a lot more accessible now, so I better make use of these CTMH stamps that I have. I also need to a lot more stamping and less purchasing. Hah! That's a big joke, right?! Anyways, this card created by Maria is gorgeous!!!! Not only the way she layers this baby, but adding detail and embellishments, too cute!!! She loves me, cause she put all her heart n' soul in creating this cards, and really took the time to make it all pretty for me, ya know??! Then again, she does that with EVERY card she creates - not just for me. =0) Thank you sooo much Maria, for sending this card to me, it is a true beauty!!!!

Oh, by the way - thanks to all of you that have submitted your snail mail to me for my 500th post giveaway.... the 5 lucky readers have been selected!!! Goodies will go out on Monday. Stay tune for MORE candi giveaway.... wha' more??!!??! What's going on, Jen?!??! Shhhh.... it's a surprise!!! =0)

Hugs n' Aloha,