February 17, 2008

Posting on a SUNDAY!!!!

Hello there... as promised, I am posting the pages as I'm completing them. I wasn't able to post these yesterday, as I was doing Chazz' fund raising thing at his school. I was able to do 3 more pages..... I have 15 more pages to go. I know I said I had 17 more pages to go, but my mistake there was counting the cover as a page - when it's actually not part of the actual pages of the album. So, I really had 18 more pages to do on Friday, and now I have 15 more pages to go after these that I'm showing here. It's 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning, and the party is TODAY!!!! At 10:30 a.m.!!! That leaves me with about 4 hours. Cause I'm planning on having my post done within 30 minutes (if I can just stop myself from rambling on here....), so I better hurry up and share these pages with you pronto!!!! So here they are!!!

Ok, so all of the die cuts used on these pages are of Cricut's "New Arrival" cartridge. That's my handwriting on the 1st page that says "Mommy & Me". Do you know why it's going to take me at least 30 minutes to post just 3 of these images?! Well, for those of you that don't know what really goes on "behind the scene's" of a bloggers life - first, I need to enhance the photos. Use a program to make brighter or clearer, and crop the image too if needed. Then I add my watermark to it, the one that reads "By Jen".... FYI - it's not cause I am afraid that someone might "steal" my artwork, but rather if they use my image, then it's a free advertisement for me and a lead to my website. After that, I can then save my image, and then upload to the website. Of course after writing everything that I want to say.... it's then 30 minutes later. It takes a while posting on a blog, and it's just gotta be something that you enjoying doing, and will take the time to do. So those that keep up with your blogs, and love doing it - hats off sisters!!! Great job!!!

I really really love this 2nd page, that I made. It's a page for pics with daddy n' his lil' girl. Love the color combo that I decided to use, and the idea of the lil' airplane pulling that sign that says "daddy's girl" - which by the way is a TAC (The Angel Company) stamp. The ribbon, I thought - looked good, who said no can have blue ribbon with white polka dots in a baby girl's album. Too cute!!! This is my favorite page that I've made for this album so far!!! I love it!!!

This 3rd page here... well, there's a funny mistake that I actually made while making this page. I actually misspelled the 1st "dub" and spelt it "dud" instead. ARGH!!! At first, I was just going to let it go, and thought, "maybe they not going catch em".... hahaha - but I gave Charlie to look at, and he caught it right away. So, I flipped it over, and just reglued everything into position again, and correctly spelled everything the 2nd time around. SO, when she goes to pull out this page, if she flips it over... she will see my mistake, and I even wrote a lil' "oops!" behind there too. I'm a mento girl!!! The hearts are drawn in by me.

Ok - it's almost 7 a.m. now... party is in 3-1/2 hours, I have 15 more pages to go, and I am not even sure if I can finish it!!! Do you think I can? I asked Charlie if he thinks I can, he said, "hmmmm... I dunno, it's going to be hard, I dunno". He's doubting me, that means he doesn't think I can do it, ya? Well... I think that just sparked my fire!!! I'll be back to let you know if I ended up with the complete album, or just a card with $$$ to give. I think I have a plan..... Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!