February 6, 2008

Plenty Of RAK's To Share.....

These RAK's have been piling up, waiting patiently to be posted. I want to thank all of you that have sent in these RAK's to me. You are all too sweet, and kind! I've sorry it has taken me like forever to post these....I am forever grateful for all of your friendships, and overwhelming support that you have given me n' my blogging habits!!!

This 1st card was made by my distant cousin. We're related through marriage.... she's got these pretty flower punches on her card that makes it so cute n' dainty! Products are of SU! Thank you Elva!!!!

Card #2 is from Jean. She sent me this card to Thank Me for ordering some CTMH stuffs from her back in November. Sorry so late, Jean!! This kitty is of TAC (The Angel Company) - so sassy, ya? Thank you, Jean!!!!

Ahhhh...card #3 is from Teri, such a cute, cute, cute, cute card. The sparklie DS paper is of DCWV, and the cute bird stamp was for a $1 at J's. Too cute... was that flower on the butt of the birdie, or did you stamp it there? I totally love the very pretty pink ribbon, soooo pretty!!!! Thanks for this real cute card, T!!!

Card #4 was sent to me by the Scor-Pal lady, you know, Diana! She's such a sweetie, and I love her very pretty card. I love the colors she used, and how deep and classy this card makes me feel. Just so gorgeous!!!

Card #5 was sent to me by Jean again. Again, sorry so late, Jean!!! She sent this to me when she ordered some TAC stuffs... gee, that was a long time ago. Thanks again, Jean!

Card #6 is a card sent to me by Teri's real sister, Cheryl. Isn't this so pretty? It's so sophisticated, and professional like. I love it! Thank you, Cheryl!!!

Card #7 here is from my TAC Upline, Nancy. She's sent me this card to let me know how proud she is of my success with TAC. Mwah back to you, sweetie! Nancy too has already formed her own group of Angels, and her group name is stamped right there on the envelope "The Dream Team". I have to blog about that whole bit in another posting.... and will do so soon!! Thanks for such a glamorous card, Nancy! This stamp reminds me how stamping can be a sexy thing to do!!!! Waaahoooooo!!!!

Almost Pau.... Card #8.... this was given to me by Shannon a.k.a TyRymom29, this is such a cool card. She embossed her bold flower stamps in white, on glossy paper, and what a cool effect with the background. Absolutely awesome!!! Thanks for a breathtaking card, Shannon!! You're too sweet!!!!!

Last but NOT least, a New Year's card from Mama Wini. Such a pretty card. She embossed the circled stamps, and everything looks so prettily aligned. Thank you, Ms. Wini!! Isn't it so popping?! I love it!!!

Once again, thank you all that have sent in these RAK's... I have more to share, but will save those for another day. Talk about "fan mail" huh? You gals are so much fun and talented, and special to me. Thanks for having me as a part of your life!!

We're under a flash flood watch tonight... so I'm going to post this before the electricity goes off.