February 28, 2008

More Birthday RAKs

Good Morning Sisters!!!! First, I'd like to thank each and every one that has left me birthday wishes!!! You all know how to make a gal feel so special!!! Big Mwahs all over, and hugs too!!!

I've got more birthday RAK's to share today...this one is a very special one, made by my 12 year old niece, Andrea. I first thought that she stamped this card (the "Happy B-Day" part), but she actually did it free-hand. What a great job too!!! Thanks sweetie!!! You've made Aunty sooo happy!!!! =0)

This next card was received by my Stamping Sister Spice Angel, Corrina. She did an awesome job on this card, and she even did a little stitching using her sewing machine. I had to take a closer photo, so that you all could see the threads on this card. Awesome!!! Thanks Rina - it's GORGEOUS!!!! The presents got some bling on them, which adds so much sparkles!!!!

This card here is a card created by my "Aunty" Gloria..... She's using the most recent cuttlebug folder that has been finally released, I believe it's called "Floral Fantasy". What a very pretty card, Ms. G!!!!

This last card was received JUST TODAY - AS I AM WRITING THIS POST!!!! From Cheryl Sims of Cheryl Stamps n' Scraps. Cheryl wrote that she CASED this card from someone else - cause she's "not creative", but I think we all started some place off of someone's CASE, right?!?!?! I love it Cheryl, you've made a GREAT CASE!!! Thanks for sending it to ME!!!

Thanks again.... you've all made my birthday a memorable one!!!! BIG MAHALOS (Thank You's - Hawaiian style) to EVERY ONE!!!