February 13, 2008

Happy Humpity Hump Day!!!!

Happy Humpity Hump Day Stamping Sisters..... here is another project that I've created to use as a sample during my TAC Open House a couple of weeks ago. I was featuring the Bind It All machine which TAC currently features in their current catalog. This is a "hold it all" box. You can put your pencils, pens, scissors and all kine other stuffs that can fit, if can. I used the coaster set that TAC sells, which is black on one side, and white on the other (the catalog only shows that it's black, but if you receive it, you'll find out that it's black n' white on the flip side). It comes in a set of 6 square coasters, 4x4 each. I had all the black sides faced inwards, and covered the white sides with DS paper also from TAC. That DS paper set is called "Rustic Chic". I love the rustic look of it. I should've used darker colored ribbons, but at the time I was creating it, I thought a brighter colored one would look better. I don't know now....

Anyways.... to make it....I first covered each coaster with DS paper, using modge podge. I love the smell of that adhesive. I smell everything. hahaha, the scent of brand new books, or remember when xeroxing had that purple ink back in the days (I see you nodding your head, and cracking up!)....I used to be that kid that smelled the paper.... it was sooo cool!!! Then when the "jellys" came out in the 80's, everyone had them (all but me!), just like how the "Crocs" are in right now. Anyways, the jelly's something that I used to smell...but I only did it when it was at the store, cause I never had one of my own. Until the generic ones were produced. hahaha... ok back to what I was saying.... I used my BIA machine to punch holes on 3 edges of 4 coasters. On the 5th coaster, I punched holes on 4 edges of that coaster that's cause it's going to become the bottom of my holder. I then laced up the sides first, using grosgrain ribbon which I had in my stash of goodies. Then slowly and patiently laced up the bottom part of the container. It took me about 2 days to complete it. If it was done in 1 sitting, then probably about 1-2 hours. I had to stop several times, only because I was getting tired of lacing. But when it was finally done, I was delighted with myself. =0)

Have a great hump day.... I'm off to drink my coffee!