February 15, 2008

Happy Aloha Friday!!!!

It's Friday!!! I have sooo much to do!!! How was everyone's V-Day yesterday?! To read about ours, click here.

So I'm working on trying to finish this Scrapbook Album for my friend Barbara, whose daughter is prego, and her shower is going to be this Sunday. She doesn't read my blog, so Jamie will be surprised!!!! I only got to work on 3 pages yesterday, and I have about 17 more to go! Yikes. But, gotta love the pressure.... I have a fund raising function for Chazz tomorrow, and I'm in charge of making the signs. Hah! I was going to just do it on my computer, but thought... "eh, I better use my Cricut, and make that suckah worth every penny". I gotta do that before I finish the album, cause the fund raising function is on Saturday, and the Baby Shower is on Sunday. So, I gotta stop what I doing on the album, and get to work on that sign. That should be fun.

But for now, I have here the 3 pages that I've worked on so far. The invitation was sent to my by Barbara, who made the invites. She used the recently released CB Disney folder of Winnie and Tigger. I wanted to incorporate sort of the same theme, so that, you know, the memories - she going have 'em. I put used the same folder as Barb did for the cover of my album. I took my black ink pad, and just smooshed it back n' forth directly on the embossed imaged, resulting in the black outline. I then colored in the sections of where it needed to be colored. This was cool, cause Tigger n' Winnie are both kinda orange. Well, I think Pooh is a little bit yellow, but I've seen sometimes where he's been orange. Well, if not, then he is on this one. Hahaha... Ok, so I colored in, and if you look close, you can see that some of the ink pad even went on the inner parts of the embossed image. But, thats ok, it just adds texture to it....

The 1st 2 pages I created using my Cricut. Cartridges I used are All Mixed Up, New Arrival, and Mini Monograms. I usually use my Cricut for projects like this, so glad that I'm putting it to good use. The one thing that I'm happy about getting the Cricut Expression, is that there is a function there that I can "flip" the image. You see the snork n' the baby? On my smaller Cricut, I could only cut one way, and I would be able to flip it, but then the cut would be going the other way. I know, probably no make sense - but it's a great feature, and something I like to use alot. The "S" that I cut out is also upside down. I like it the way I have it now, looked kinda retarded the other way. I used my glue pen to stick on those letters one by one. It was relaxing, and good fun to create. But I still have 17 more to go.

This page here is the "Stats" page. Every baby album needs a "stats" page, right? Well, I like to put it in there anyways. That gets the mom to write a lil' bit of something. I just hope she don't write too big, cause no more enough room. Hahaha... She just gotta write small, but if her baby has a long Hawaiian name, then she might be writing off the paper. Can you imagine?! Kamalaniehuliaoihalanikalikolehua.... holy moly!!! And no, that's not her name, I just made it up. hahhaa

Ok, well, gotta go, I have to work on the sign, then back to the scrapbook again. I'll post more pages as I complete them.

Oh wait... did anybody watch "Lost" last night?!?!?! Are there any "Lost" fans out there?!?!?! OMGosh... that show, it's making me more lost than ever. Now, they showing the people's lives in the future, when all this time they were showing their lives in the past. I love it!!! Also, how's Kate n' Sawyer, ya?!? Oh my.... at least somebody's getting their freak on while stuck on a deserted island. But what about Jack?!?!?! I know she loves HIM!! But Sawyer... yummy... he's the one that floats her boat. Va-va-va-voom!!! He makes a better love scene with Kate, anyways. I can't see Jack getting crazy and wild like Sawyer does.... hee hee... oh, and I just KNEW IT when Sayid walked into that room, that it was Ben talking and that would get that bullet out... could you tell? Did you know??!! I could tell... but why, Ben??!?! WTF?!?!?!?!? I can't wait til' next week.... man, the rate this show is going, I sure hope they don't pull the plug, cause they have so much more to go to finish the story!!! It gets better n' better. Oh, and the golf course that Sayid was playing at, where he shot the other guy - that was Turtle Bay Hilton's course (16th hole) - that's what Charlie said. hahaha.....

Have a great weekend, sistahs!!!!!