February 1, 2008

Happy Aloha Friday....

Hey Peeps...

Hope you're Friday is going well. I have a quick post here, as I've got lost to do today, cause I'm prepping for my TAC Open House tomorrow. So, let's begin.

I'm making an effort to answer questions that are left in my comments, so here is the question that I just received:

From: Anonymous - on your post "Coloring V-Day Cards with my Copics":

can you share what type of copic pens you purchased? i know that it was set "a" but did you buy the one with the brush marker or fine point?

I purchased the brush markers, or they are referred to as "Sketch Markers". When I went to the store, of course - I said, "the one with the paint brush tip". So, to save you from sounding like me - ask for the "Sketch Markers". If you want to make sure, then ask them, "Is this the one with the paint brush tip?" - hahahaha... I know, silly me.

Thanks for your question!!! I hope this is not irking anyone - the way I am answering these questions... it's pretty fun.

Ok, now for my projects for today. My newest blog friend, Angie (whom by the way is also located in Hawaii) had read my posting yesterday. On one of my cards, I wrote that I was thinking of coloring the doggie n' kittie images in red n' pink. Well, Angie agreed, and said she'd like to see it. Please pop in and say hello to Angie, she's new to blogland, and need some lovin'.... Anyways, here it is!!! I used my copics again. Red n' Pink, 2 different shades of each so that I can do a little fading/shadowing effect. Good fun!!! Sentiment is Bazzill Basics Chiptopper again.... I loved using my pink ribbons all over. The hearts are embossed, using Sizzix's template, and I colored in with my glitter pens. Of course no can see the glitter in the pens, cause there really isn't much glitter in there. Oh well...

My 2nd project is another Digi Scrapbook Page of mines!!! I used my Photoshop Element program, and the elements are from "ScrapWow.Com". I almost finished it last night, but I was missing something. This morning, I sat down to finish it up.... and am now happy with the way it turned out. Cyrus was taking a lil' sip of my Starbuck's coffee, and I was there at the right time with my camera. And NO, this doesn't happen every morning.... =0)

Thats all.... thanks for stopping by!!! Have a great weekend!!!