February 18, 2008

Cricut Overload This Weekend!!

Happy President's Day Everyone!!! Aside from all the cricut use this weekend on the baby album, I also used it for 2 more projects that I did this weekend. This first project was covering a container to make into my newly found "sugar" container. Charlie our sugar container to work, so I took this cookie container that was filled with royal creme cookies - they were the miniature kine. I love those. They were gone in several days, shortly after our aunty Terri Kishba dropped them off to us. So what better way to recycle the container, and I thought if I prettied it up, it wouldn't even be noticeable that it was previously a cookie container.

So, I got some DS paper from my stack of papers, and used my cricut to cut out the letters "S-U-G-A-R". I then pasted it on to the ds paper, and adhered to the container. After doing that, to insure that the paper doesn't get worn out - I coated it with modge podge. Now when we grab for the container, it shouldn't get ruined, nor should the paper peel off.

The last photo is to show you how a coat of modge podge made my project water proof! The cricut cartridge that I used for this project is called "Alphalicious". I was thinking about adding some ribbon to the cover, but then talked myself out of it, being that it is something that will be touched practically every morning, that ribbon would've just worn off.

My second project was to create signs for the fund raising event that Chazz had this weekend. We're fund raising for 6th Grader's Project Graduation and Banquet. I can't believe it!!! I never had "Project Grad" or a "Banquet" in the 6th grade. My times have changed!!! We were selling drinks this weekend... Juice, Water, Soda & Cookies. I was assigned to create the signs. So I made 1 for the cookies, the other for the drinks. Here are what they turned out like. I added glitter to the letters of the drinks sign. Since the function would be running into the night - I figured any glimpse of light shining on that glitter would attract the attention of thirsty people!! And it worked!!! We made about $500+, which is pretty good!!!! Our goal is $1000. So, looks like we're half way there. I used the Cricut Cartridge "Alphalicious" on these signs as well. After the function, the signs were kept - and will be reused at their Banquet to share with all of them the hard work that the 6th graders put in to get the party of their year!!

On the cookie sign... get this - I take it there, and then find out that it is actually 6 scripts, and not 3 scripts that is needed to purchase a bag of cookies. At first, I was going to peel off the 3, and then write in a 6. But what I did was tear the 3 in half, and took the bottom part of the 3, and just added a little curve, creating a "6". It was a smaller number, but at least I didn't have to ruin my sign by writing on it. I was so proud of myself that night, and the ladies there - who aren't crafty - were pretty amazed at what I came up with. Ahhhhh.... see, hanging out with papers all day served it's purpose. =0)

If you're not working today, have a great day off!!!