February 25, 2008

Baskets From Jamie's Shower

Good Morning!!! Happy Monday!!! How is everyone doing this beautiful sunny Monday morning?! The sun is shining bright, and I'm ready to head out and run around down town. Hopefully I can drop off a few deliveries in town. We'll see if I am able to. Anyways, I wanted to share these baskets that we've decorated for Jamie's Baby Shower. Remember that scrap book I did about a week ago? You can find the entire album posted here. Anyways, a couple of weeks before doing the album, Jamie's mom Barbara, sister Christi and my stamping sister Corrina got together on a Friday night. We decorated these baskets that were purchased from J's Knicknacks. We used DS paper that was purchased from Ben Franklin's. Her theme was Winnie the Pooh, but more Eeyore. Barbara was able to find an adorable Eeyore that was pink, she found them at the Disney store, and were available during Valentine's. So, it was perfect timing, right??!?! Above is a photo of the baskets in a box, we actually made 12 baskets. We got together at 8 p.m., and were completed by 1 a.m. Of course in between we were talking stories, cracking jokes, and snacking on all sorts of junks. It was a fun night!!! So fun, I am thinking of having some gathering with the Angels on Friday eves, or perhaps a "Scrap Night"... I dunno, my wheels are still turning.

Anyways, what we did was pasted the DS paper to the basket using modge podge (you know I love this thing, huh?!?!?), then we went over the paper, giving it a seal and a glossy look. It's a good thing too, cause at the party, Cyrus tipped his cup of juice over, we were quick enough to pick up Eeyore - but the basket got the most of the juices all over it. But guess what?!!? We just wiped it off... no harm done!!! It was the best feeling ever. hahahhaa....

This photo is of the actual basket filled with goodies inside. Photo was taken on the day of the party. Ain't it so dang cute?!! You see that sign that says it "belongs to someone special"? I am happy to say that I was one of the "special someone" to receive such a basket full of goodies!!! Thanks Barb, Christi & Jamie!!! You always make me and my ohana feel right at home. We love you guys!!!!

Oh yea - and I had to share what kinda favors there were... too cute!!! Great idea... simple n' sweet!!! They did a fabulous job on the entire party set up. I took some pictures of us at the party, and will post them later on my family blog.

Thanks for popping in today, ladies!!! Have an awesome week....

Hugs n' Aloha,