January 15, 2008

Using Crafts for A Science Project

Aloha Tuesday Sistahs....Before Winter break, Chazz had a Science project which required him to create an atom. The instructions were to either draw an atom, or create a model of it. Chazz chose to challenge himself, and create a model. We had originally thought of using foam balls and peg sticks - but the thought of us trying to fit it into our car to take to school gave me nightmares. So I thought about something that might be more practical. The rings around an atom had to "nest" within each other. I gave Chazz some suggestions of either going with the Scallop Spellbinder Nesting Cuts, or Quickutz Nesting Circles. He chose the circles - I guess cause they didn't have the scallops? ... Here are photos of him creating and making his Science Project. He also used stickles to create the "electrons", and a lil' bit of glue and gold cord to keep them all together and hanging. Don't mind the mess in the photo background - he did his project in the "store" section of our house. We used an actual bouncy ball for the middle section (Neutrons) of his atom. I used my piercing tool to pierce through that ball... it was quite difficult, but fun. In the last picture he holds up the print out what he was to make the model of, together with his newly created model..... I usually hesitate when it comes to my kids using my craft stuff. But because it was for educational purposes - I was an "All Go" for this one. Luckily, Cyrus was asleep during the times Chazz worked on this project, or I wouldn't hear the end of it. Chazz especially enjoyed the part where he got to use Modge Podge to adhere the rings together (he made them back n' front, so that when it "twirled" while hanging, you'd be able to see the electrons from both sides). He loved the gooey sticky n' cold feeling of the modge podge. After completing his project - the feeling of self gratification showed on his face through his smiles. He couldn't wait to take it to school and share with the rest of his school mates.

I'll try to post again later today... if time permits.... otherwise, see ya all tomorrow!!!!