January 24, 2008

Three and a half pounds of rubbah!!!

Aloha All... Happy Thursday!!! 1st, I'd like to apologize for posting so late in the day. I have been planning on my TAC Open House which is going to happen in 2 weeks, and my gathering for my Spice Angels which is happening this weekend. How exciting!!! So many events coming up, and project ideas are coming out of my eyes....which I can't wait to share them with you as well....

Well, this weekend - I decided to take lil' break in between all the projects I've been creating, and I thought I'd hit the stack of Stampin' Up! stamps and convert them over to my Creative Cling foams. But before I can mount them to Creative Cling - I need to remove them all.... thus after removing the wood from the stamp - I stuck all of the rubbah into a little bag, and weighed the bag.... 3-1/2 pounds of rubbah!! Have you seen such a thing?!?!?! I also took a picture of the rubbahs out of the bag.... as you can see, some of them are still attached in it's "just received" form. Yep - I've still got quite a ways to go with these. I am mounting them on to the creative cling foams on a "as needed" basis. Therefore - shall I need to use one of them, I will then mount them.

While trying to remove these off of the wood, I have acquired a special technique.... so, I created a little video here to share with you. When you watch it - you will see what I mean. It sure helps to have these faux nails... enjoy!!! Oh yea - I have music playing in the video, so turn your speakers down if you must.