January 31, 2008

My digi SB page

Hey all... I've installed a door bell at my front door (finally, after living here for almost 6 years), tidy up the living room, did laundry and now is about to make lunch for the both of us. Thought I'd post this Digi SB page that I promised earlier to do so.

Before I do that, I received a comment from my friend Char:

charlotte has left a new comment on your post "Coloring V-Day Cards with my Copics":

I love your two cards, but haven't taken the step yet to buy copics. Can you share whether the Stamp It and Stampendous stamps are single stamps or a set? Thanks!

Hey Char ~ Thanks for your comment!! Both stamps are individual stamps. I purchased the Stamp It stamp from Cute Stuffs (Liane) located at Puck's Alley. The Stampendous stamp is a stamp I purchased directly from Stampendous for my store. However, I am sold out of these and will no longer bring them in. I do have a bunch of new Stampendous stamps that just arrived, if you want to stop by and check them out, let me know.... these are of the monkeys and bees.

Ok, now here is my Digi Scrapbook page.... I hope I can keep it up and complete at least 1 a day. Click on the photo to see a larger view (as if it isn't large enough already).

This page goes together with the visit from my sister Nasha. We went to a park on one of the days while she was here. This is actually a layout that I've found online that was a freebie from "Digital Scrapbook Place". All I really had to do was register, and I got this free starter kit. Pretty cool layout, huh?! They have a whole section of free stuffs. So I will have to check them out, and see if I can use anything else.

Ok, now to make lunch.... and feed the kid.

Have a great day!!! See ya all tomorrow....