January 6, 2008

JT Aloha RAK - January 2008: Sign Ups

Aloha Ladies!!!

Here are the sign ups for this month's JT Aloha RAK:

Teri Suzuki
Nancy Elrick
Pat Sergeant
Florence Savarese
Tracy Houghton
Jodie Cole
Deb Golan
Jayne Converse
Janaina Oliveira
Melissa Schabel
Monique Montenegro
Dottie Kinnear
Melissa Fincham
Penny McMillan
Mary Bennett
Connie Hacker
Kelly Sampson
Carol Lee
Pheobe Scovel
Maria Bell
Jen Young

If you signed up, and DO NOT see your name here, please email me immediately - I still may have time to match you up with someone. I will be sending out emails shortly as to who you will be RAKin' this month. If you do not receive an email by end of day tomorrow 1/7/08, please email me at littlecs7@gmail.com and let me know.

REMINDER: Deadline for Canadian/other foreign country addresses - January 15th, 2008. Deadline for USA is January 25th, 2008.