January 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend, I held my monthly gathering for my Hawaiian Spice Angels in my home. All but 1 was able to make it this month. But it's ok, she's going to be at my Open House this coming Saturday! I have several samples to share with my Angels. But I won't post them til' after my Open House, as I don't want to spoil the fun!!! I had 2 make n' takes for them to do - which I will also have for my Open House, so sorry - once again, I won't be posting those til' after the big date. We always potluck when we get together. It's so easy, and everybody always bring "pupu" (finger food) style food. I put the foods on the counter, and everyone just helps themselves whenever they want to dig in. 2nd's are welcome, and never frowned upon. We ate, ate and ate some more, and talked stories, laughing is a requirement - so is relaxation. It's therapeutic for all of us. Just another way of sneaking away from the "real world", and being around people of our own element. But we are all so different in many ways... but still the same in a lot. I just wish that theres a way for my Spice Angels on the mainland to get together with us. But they always know that they are in our hearts, right ladies?!?! So here are some photos that I took during the gathering. The 1st one above is of Barbara and I. It looks like my boob is resting on Barbara's shoulder, doesn't it? The 2nd photo is of Lori and Rose. I just realized it - but check out the messages on their shirts. It's too funny!!!! Lori's says "Aibeezee - no badah me", so Hawaiian... if you don't get it - it is saying, "I Busy, don't bother me". Rose's shirt says, "Make like a tree and leave"...... hahahhahahaa.... I didn't even notice what her shirt said until I read it in this photo. Too hilarious!!!! The last photo is of Velma and Corrina. Sitting and smiling with their purdy lil' smiles!!! Jodie showed up later, so I took a photo of her solo! Here's Jo - she's holding the "YES" glue that we say "NO" to. hahahaa....

Ok, don't stop reading yet... I have some projects to share with you. This particular session with my angels is sort of like a "kick off" for the new year and the new catalog. Therefore, I gave a lil' something to each of these ladies (and yes, my mainland Angels will be getting them too!!!!). I bought these spray bottles at the $1 store - and filled them with homemade rubber stamp cleaner. My recipe is basically 1/4 part cleaner, 3/4 water (must be biodegradable, and chemical free) - I used "Method" from Don Quijote. You may also use Simple Green. I wrapped the filled spray bottles in cellophane and tied with a blue organdy ribbon. I made lil' cute "sundae" tags for each of the bottles, colored with my Copic pens (I used 2 different shade of colors to make the shading and blending effect), added fine glitter to the ice cream part of my image, and whala!!! This Sundae tag is part of a TAC (The Angel Company) stamp set, which is actually featured for the "Stamp of The Month" of January. It will no longer be available after January 31st, so if you want it - contact me today!!!! Here is a photo of the entire set, and the other stamps that are within this set.

During my session, a friend of mines came by to pick up a card that she ordered. She wanted a "Happy Silver Anniversary" card. This is what I came up with. These are the best type of customers to have. Those that trust your creativity, and will love whatever you create. For this card, I embossed the Red Torch Ginger flower using a metal template that I purchased some time ago. I embossed it using my Big Shot. I then outlined and shaded with my Prisma Color Pencils. Then blended with Gamsol. I tried getting a photo of the card in an angle where you'd all be able to see it's embossed effect. Not sure if you can tell that. Anyways, I enjoyed creating this card.... it is just so pretty and simple.

I think that is enough for one posting. I'll see ya all tomorrow!!!

Happy Monday Hugs,