January 2, 2008

Birthday RAK....January Birthdays & New Members!!!

Aloha All!!!

This posting is for those that are members of my Birthday RAK Club (different from my JT Aloha RAK Club). First, I'd like to tell ya - I am moving the calendar to a google calendar, which allows members to access the calendar without having to input a login and password - but still being "private" and only for members of this Birthday RAK Club.

Each member should be receiving an email from me or "google calendar" to "join" - so please be on a lookout for this email, it may ask for you to confirm your request to join this "Birthday RAK Calendar". If you do not receive an email by tomorrow, January 3rd, please email me and confirm your email address. When you are able to view the calendar, please confirm that your birthday and information are correctly shown. You would do this by going to the month of your birthday - and clicking on your name, then clicking on "details".

With that being said.... I'd like to welcome our 5 NEWEST members.... they are:

  • Ylita Nielson of California
  • Lori Swift of Florida
  • Julie Villeneuve of Canada
  • Adela Rossol of California
  • Lillian Friday of North Carolina
The following members are celebrating their birthday's in January:
  • Teresa Vogelgesang
  • Tina Susan Frankfort
Once again, members may access this calendar AFTER I have given you access - if you already have a "gmail" email account, you should easily be able to access the calendar. If not, you will need to confirm your invitation to utilize google calendar. The calendar can then be found by clicking on the calendar in my side bar, or by clicking here.

Happy RAKin'!!!