January 14, 2008

2nd post... on a Monday!!!

How was everyone's weekend?!?! I have to share with you.... this weekend has been a "spoil my wife weekend".... Charlie bought me the 72 piece - Set "A" Copic Pens. I didn't think I'd ever see these pens... and boy was I surprised that he drove me down to Hawaiian Graphics and got it.....but wait - we got it for a deal...at 40% off. Those of you on Oahu, if you want these pens - you can get the coupon here (thanks to Ms. Wini - if it wasn't for her - we wouldn't have known about this coupon!!). Then when we got home - Cyrus fell asleep, and Charlie practically pushed me out the door to get my nails done. It's been 3 months since I didn't have my "faux nails"... so it was best that I take advantage of baby's sleep time - and get them DONE! I show them off in my photo #2.... How lucky I am.... oh, there are duties to be paid by me as a wife.... you all know that - but it's all worth it, right?!?!?! =0) I'm on cloud nine....

It's back to school today for Chazz and the kiddies that I've watched this Winter Break. It was nuts, but still worthwhile. It was sad to see Chazz go to school this morning - Cy said, "Have a good day at school, big brother!"... ahhh... peace n' quiet... no screaming or yelling at each other... no fightings... just me, my chores, and Cyrus. Cyrus is back at school today too! We did some lessons already... and am now on a lil' break. We're off to the store in a lil' bit.

Because I no longer post to my blog on the weekends, I have more time to check out other people's blogs (and you are all so great in creating - I love all the creations out there - it's so inspiring...), and it also allows me to create a lil' more as well. This weekend, I popped on over to Ms. Teri's blog, and saw her posting. Although Teri lives in the same state as I do - it is not always that I get to see or catch up with her. So sometimes, it's through our blogs that we get to catch up. This posting really touched my heart, and if you check it out - it'll touch your's too. Like Teri says in her posting, "you sometimes just gotta stop what you're doing and do what is right to do".... so this weekend - I was able to work on some cards for this family. I have 4 more to go, but here are the first 3 cards that I've done so far.

I took a close up of card #2 because I wanted to share with you this DS Paper from DCWV that has glitter on them. You might already have it - but it's sooo cool, right?! I got it from Joann's - it's called the "Glitter Stack". I bought the 4X6 stack, as I knew I only wanted to use them on cards. If I get into the swing of scrapbooking again (which I should), then maybe I'll get the large stack. I love the colors too - they totally help me coordinate what my card looks like.

I also took a close up shot of my card #3, because I wanted to show you how I layered my card - and "popped" one of the flowers and made them 3D. I basically stamped another image of that flower, cut it out - used a pop dot and curled the petals with my pretty faux finger nails. I used my copic pens to color all of my images. I like the feel of the pens - they are smooth, and the colors are very vibrant. I don't know if you've noticed, but my cards always gotta have some kinda ribbon on it. I'm addicted to ribbons! it's a fetish of stamping... then again - I love everything in the stamping world!!!

Here are my card details....

Card #1: Stamp: Whipper Snapper, sentiment (an old stamp that I've had for years - I believe it's a Stampendous stamp - forgive me if I'm wrong!). DS Paper and Cardstock: The Angel Company, Grosgrain Pink Ribbon from Stampin' Up!.

Card #2: Stamp & Cardstock: The Angel Company, DS Paper: DCWV; Ribbon: Craft Supply of Honolulu

Card #3: Stamp: Whipper Snapper, Sentiment & Background Stamps: The Angel Company (I used my stamp-a-majig to reposition the sentiment, as they were all in 1 line... do you want me to do a tutorial on this?).... Cardstock: The Angel Company, DS Paper: DCWV; Ribbon - Stampin' Up!

Be sure to always give hugs & lovies to your keikis (children) and your husband - as well as those all around you that make up your "family", cause you never know... life is too short.... thank you Teri for reminding us that life is precious, and you gotta appreciate what you have in life. For there are others out there that is taken from them oh too soon.... I love you all... you all make me happy - and are definitely a part of my "family".....