December 17, 2007

UH Warriors Appreciation Commercial

Aloha All.... For those of you that are into college football, you will know that our UH Warriors are at the top of the charts this year!!!! With 12 and 0... we are heading to FLORIDA (Ms. Flossie!!!!!) to play in the BCS Bowl!!!! What an awesome football year we've had this year. With that being said... Charlie and Chazz are going to be in a commercial, congratulating the UH Warriors, sincerely from Fujitsu (the company that Charlie represents). Along with the 2 of them are Charlie's boss Drew, and his lil' girl Keli (6), and their spoke person Dallas. They filmed this commercial last week Wednesday, and will be airing tonight (Monday) on KHON channel 2. So check it out on the big screen - but for those that aren't able to see it on TV... of course - I posted it on You-Tube to share with YOU!!!!!

ETA: Sorry - my bad, they are actually playing against Florida, in the SUGAR BOWL at New Orleans. Thanks to "Twinks" for the correction!!!