December 30, 2007

A Tutorial: Embossing Chipboard with Cuttlebug Folders

Happy New Year Everyone!!! To mark the ending of 2007 and beginning of 2008 - I figure I post this very cool tutorial. Even though many of you might not be checking blogs at this time -at least I'll have this out for you when you're ready to check again. So, here is a posting that goes out with a BANG!!!!

I'm sooo excited, cause TAC is going to be carrying these DCWV's Chipboard Mat Stacks in the upcoming TAC catalog. I had originally purchased these stacks from J's Knicknacks. I wanted to not only cut them with my Sizzix die cut - but emboss them, with my Cuttlebug folders. But, because of their thickness - I knew that it wasn't possible to slip the chipboard in between the flaps. So... I put my "gutsy" hat on... and took a chance on doing something else.... Here I will show you what I did to emboss this thick chipboard with my CB embossing folders.

First, you will have to cut out your shape using a die cut. You cannot use any "Thin Cuts" or "Sizzlits" as the blade on these cuts aren't thick enough to go through the thickness of the chipboard. I am using a Sizzix original Large Scallop die cut in this tutorial. To cut my die cut, I use my Big Shot, take the 2 acrylic sandwich boards, and 2 lamination sheets for a lil' added pressure. Then crank through my Big Shot.

Here is the order of how it's going through the Big Shot, from bottom to top: Acrylic Board, 2 Lamination Sheets (shims), Sizzix Original Die Cut, Chipboard, Acrylic Board.

As you can see - it is a CLEAN CUT!!! The cranking is a little hard to do - but it goes through quite nicely after the 1st crank. If you absolutely feel that you're machine is going to break, stop and put your "gutsy" hat on, like I did. =0)

Now comes the even harder part - and the part where you have to strap on that "gutsy" hat. At this point... please remember, whatever you do is up to you, and any cause n' harm to your machine is NOT due to any of my part in posting this tutorial. Other words, no blame me if your machine broke after you do this!

In this next step... I am practically using everything that I've purchased to use with all my die cutting machines. Which is great, cause if your husband wonders why you need to get EVERY die cutting machine and it's accessories out in the market, like mines does - then you'll be able to clearly explain to him why you need them all.... here goes. This is the step where you'll be embossing your chipboard with a Cuttlebug Folder (Snowflakes to be exact).

Here is the order of what I used to go through my Big Shot, from bottom to top: Thick White Mat, Acrylic Board, Sizzix's Purple Silicone Mat, Die Cut Chipboard, OPEN Cuttlebug Embossing Folder (use the side that the impressions are indented and NOT raised), Acrylic Board.

Cranking through the Big Shot will be even harder than the 1st time. But I was able to crank it through happily, an am very happy with how it turned out. Isn't this AMAZING?!?!?!? This just tickles my toes, knowing that I can easily convert my CB folders and use them in another creative way!!!! And look at that embossing!!! It's so crisp n' clear too.... Well, to finish it off. I sanded the embossing - and brought out the white core, giving it an added feature. I decorated adding a little touch of Quickutz (Poinsettia) and Cricut (Alphas), and my tags were deliciously done!!!

The last few photos are of all the tags I've created using the same technique shown in this tutorial. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and get a chance to try it out yourself. Please share with me what you've created - and let me know what you think.