December 5, 2007

Question of the Day #6

Aloha All!!! It was a windy n' rainy day here in Sunny Hawaii..... tee hee... and I only have the chance now to post the 6th question. So, here it is:

When you were growing up, what favorite TV shows and cartoons do you remember watching?

I used to LOVE all the funnies.... Gilligan's Island, 3's Company, Facts of Life, I Dream of Jeannie.... Brady Bunch....hahahaha - for the night shows, I remember watching "Night Rider".... di-do-di-do-di-di, di-di-do, di-di-do..... As for cartoons - nothing really was a favorite of mines, because my brother made most of the decisions on what cartoons we'd watch. But I do remember the Justice of League ("Wonder Twin Powers - ACTIVATE" - I always wanted to be the girl changing into an animal......), and Smurfs, and Flintstones..... too funny!!!!

Can't wait to hear what everyone used to watch back then....