December 2, 2007

Question of the Day #3

Wow... the addictions everyone commented about on my last posting - it's pretty cool to read about what you are all addicted to. Most of us share the same addiction... shopping... shoes... gadgets.... the internet - that one, we can not absolutely do without huh?!?! We are all so lucky to be living the "luxury" that we are living. Just gotta count our blessings, ya know?!?!?

Ok... Question of the day (#3) is.... What is your fondest childhood Holiday memory? (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah etc.,)

For me... it is always the memory I have of my brother Robert n' I. It was Christmas, and at the age of 7 we started giving each other "gag" Christmas gifts cause my parents didn't have much money to give us tons of gifts (like we do now, you know with credit cards being so easy to use nowadays). Some of these gifts would contain a lil' box of dirt.... or a package of rocks.... or maybe some leaves (you get the picture) and what we used to do was "peek" at each other's gift to see what was being given to us - so that we could "beat" each other out (hahaha, and possibly give the other person a little more dirt than the other). Well.... the year that I was 10, and Robert 12, I saw him secretly place a huge shoe box under the tree, labeled "For JEN". As soon as he was out of the room, I went right on over to the box, and took a peek... hee hee.... and when I opened the box, there was a note in there that said, "A LITTLE WOOD for A LOT OF WEIGHT". Hmmmm, I thought! Ok, this year, I'm going to get him GOOD!!! So... I went and got some cat food... poured it into a container, wrapped it up, and placed it under the tree - happily thinking that I was "ahead" of his game on this one.

Christmas day came, it was time for opening gifts.... we decided to open gifts from each other first. So - he says, "You First".... hahahha - I already knew what it was right?!?! So I opened it, acting as though I wasn't phased by the note... I say, "Ha - Ha! Your turn....", and as I started to put the box away, he goes, "no, lift the wood.... there's something under there...." - my eyes get BIG, and I'm like.... "WHAT?!?!?!".... so I lift the wood... under there, was a pair of 14kt gold cross earrings... the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I've ever received!!!! I was in shock, and embarrassed that he was about to open the "gag" present I gave him. I tried to stop him from opening my gift to him, but he insisted on doing so. I felt sooo bad, but he was a good sport - and just laughed it off when he saw the container of cat food. We both had a good laugh that year. I will never forget this Christmas. We didn't have much, but laughing and playing jokes on each other was one of the best things to do during Christmas - and that 1st Christmas that my brother actually went out and bought me something with his own money.... that just melted my heart.