December 1, 2007

Question of the Day #2

Good Morning Saturday All!!!!

Great meeting each and everyone of you from all over the world!!!! To continue with my Sweet Candi Pieces Giveaway for 40K hits.... here is the Question of the day #2:

Do You Have An Addiction? .... Besides stamping, crafting, scrap booking... is there anything else that you are addicted to? Perhaps, shopping? talking? writing? singing? if you shop...for what? don't just say what you're addicted to.... give a little more details....

For me, I am addicted to all kines of gadgets. I love having the most current item, don't necessarily means I'm going to get it - but I just want it and wish I could have it... if I could, I would kinda thing. Electronic gadgets, crafty gadgets - but electronic gadgets are at the top of my list. This is one thing that I do NOT have to ask for at Christmas - cause if I really want it, it'll be waiting around for Christmas to come.... hahaha....

Now it's your turn to share what YOU'RE addicted to.

Thanks for sharing!!!!