December 18, 2007

Question from Flossie....RE: Cricut Design Studio

Flossie had a question regarding this post. Here is her comment:

"These are great, hey have you heard about the Cricut software, I have it on my christmas list and think Santa will be brining it, looks great but don't know anything about it."

Thanks for your question Ms. Flossie!!! I am sure everyone is wondering along with you n' I.... here is what I got off of their website:

Cricut DesignStudio Cricut DesignStudio
Announcing the Cricut DesignStudio TM Software
Download it today for only $89.95!!!*
LIMITED TIME DOWNLOAD OFFER expires at 12 midnight, Christmas Eve!
We are excited to bring to you this holiday season this newest addition to the great lineup of Cricut products.
There are some early copies of DesignStudio in the market, but the majority of boxed product is still in production and won’t be available until January. As a limited, pre-Christmas special, you can own the Cricut DesignStudio right now for $89.95 and download it immediately.

Customers who have purchased the DesignStudio download during this pre-Christmas special are entitled to the full packaged materials, including the Install CD, Cricut 10’ USB Cable and Cricut Mouse Pad for only $8.95 S/H. These are still in production and will arrive by the end of January. Customers will be notified by email when the materials become available.
Now you can compose and cut to your heart’s content directly from your computer using either your Cricut Original or Expression machine!
- The Cricut DesignStudio will cut any image on any cartridge that you own, but you can also play and design with any image in the Cricut Library. This way you can try before you buy any available cartridge out there! You’ll definitely want to start playing right away so you’ll know which cartridges your honey can get you for Christmas ;-)
- Resize, slant, rotate, flip and WELD with the simple click of a mouse! What you see is what you cut!!! Create phrases that string together. Blend images from multiple cartridges to make your own Creative Features! The sky truly is the limit to your creativity!
- Search and find quickly and easily any image within the Library.
- Share designed projects with family and friends. Just send them your final file and they can take it from there. They still have to have purchased the actual cartridge to cut as well, but this is a great way to spread great projects and ideas around! In fact, we’ll be emailing some custom projects out in the weeks to come highlighting specific cartridges.
What are you waiting for!?!? You can be designing and cutting away in a matter of minutes!
Click here to order today!
Offer and download option ends on midnight Christmas Eve.
IMPORTANT: The Cricut DesignStudio is currently compatible with only Windows XP (SP2) and Windows Vista (32-Bit versions).
Trial Version
If you’d like to use the trial version of Cricut DesignStudio simply download and install. Launch the program and select “trial mode” on the startup screen. You can purchase a full license key at your convenience. The limitation of the trial mode is that it will only cut to the native cartridge(s) that came with your respective Cricut machine. ei. George and Basic Shapes to the Cricut original machine. Plantin Schoolbook and Accent Essentials to the Cricut Expression machine. You’ll still be able to design and compose ANY image in the Library, but only able to cut to the cartridges listed above.
Download Instructions:
Click here to download the Cricut DesignStudio install file. This file also doubles as the trial version until fully activated with a purchased license key.
Click here to download the Quick Install Guide in PDF format(highly recommended).
Click here to download the full DesignStudio User Manual in PDF format.
Once you have downloaded these files and installed the DesignStudio you have the complete product as if you would have installed it from the packaged CD.
IMPORTANT: Cricut DesignStudio requires the .NET 2.0 framework to be installed.This is a Microsoft product that the regular DesignStudio install file may download as well if it senses that it is NOT on your computer. It is roughly 23 MB and may take a number of minutes to download and install depending upon your computer and connection speed.
Support Downloads: DesignStudio Manual (PDF)
Quick Install Guide (PDF)
.NET 2.0 install file

So what do you think!??! Is anyone going for it?! I might just get it and try it out after all... will keep you all posted!!!


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