December 20, 2007

Pretty Pails Session

I held a pretty pail session a few weeks back which was canceled, but a few of my angels wanted to get together and do it anyways, so I offered them to come on out. Here are the created pails.

I got these pails from J's Knicknacks. They were blank. We used modge podge to adhere DS paper (from TAC) to the basket's body, rim and handles. Then we went over the entire basket again with modge podge, sealing in the DS paper. It was so fun and easy to do. Some angels did more than 2 baskets.

Here are the completed baskets.....

I loved reading everyone's response to yesterday's question. Now I leave you with today's question....

"Has your list of Christmas Card receivers increased or decreased this year?"

Thanks for popping in... I'm off to take Cy to his yearly check up. Have a GREAT day!!!

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