December 18, 2007

Our Christmas Tree Is Up!! (For awhile now...)

Hey All....

How's it going?! Seems like everyone is pretty much busy - but I just wanted to update you on what's going on.... 2 weeks ago, we got our Christmas tree. This year, it was the 1st time ever to get a tree so early. Also this year, is the 1st time in a LONG time that we got a REAL tree. Chazz has asthma (but seems to be growing out of it), so we never bought a real tree since he was the age of 5. But this time around, we wanted Cy to experience the scent of Christmas. It was a fun family event - gettin' our tree. For those that are curious, our tree cost us $62! Well, we don't have any tree forest here for us to go and chop our own trees down. But if we did, I think we'd settle on purchasing one still.

I've taken 2 photos - one of the tree just when it went up. Then another after it was decorated. We quietly placed the decorations on the tree while Cyrus was taking a nap. When he got up - it was dark enough for us to light up the tree, and boy was he surprised! His face lit up, and he was just smilin' ear to ear.

Oh yea! I've also had to cut a few branches off of the bottom of our tree to fit into the stand. With the branches that I broke off - I made a lil' wreath of it. Not too smanshy fancy - but good enough. =0) The weather outside is pretty much rainy, windy n' cloudy still - so we have decided to NOT decorate the outer part of our house.

Hope everyone is not too cold this winter season. Stay warm - stay indoors, and hang in there!!!

Hugs to all..

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