December 3, 2007

My Crafty Corner....

Former Miss Hawaii Diva, Maria is having a blog challenge. So far, I have entered everyday.... she's got some great challenges going on, and I'm not about to back down. One of the challenges is to post photos of our "work space"....ahem!!! Therefore, I am putting my guards down people.... in this posting - you are going to see how I truly work. This is very scary for me. The corner of my bedroom is my "crafty corner". It's a total CHAOS!!! But as you can see from my BLOG how BUSY my blog is, I totally LOVE the CHAOS - you can understand how busy my Crafty Corner can be as well, right?!?!! I have TONS and TONS of things running through my mind day in and day out which always put the "organizing" part of my day on the back burner. I can't believe that I am doing this... but I think it will also put others "at ease" knowing that their spot isn't as "crazy" as mines. That lil' space in front of my table is actually where my chair goes. I took it out of the way so that I could get a shot of the entire corner. OK - notice how I didn't say my spot is "messy". Well, it really isn't... cause I know exactly where everything is at. Well... not everything, nor exactly - but at least "about" where it's at. Hahaha.... Maria said that we must also let her know what our "Calm n' Peace" item is in our work area.... you'll have to look closely! In one of the photos, you will see a can of drink. That is my "calm n' piece" - it is usually a can of Pepsi. But the photo shows a can left behind by my "non-calm n' peace" named Cyrus. That pillow on the table is in case I fall asleep while crafting. At least my head won't hit so hard.

Those four 3-ringed binders shown here in the photo is usually a family of 5 folders, and all together they are filled with 150 of my unmounted stamp sets. I still have many more stamps that haven't been unmounted yet, and they are in containers under each table. You can kinda see them under this one, if you look closely. YIKES!!!! This is the actual table that I work on (the one with the lamp), I also have my ribbons right in front of me, and more ribbons in the 3 containers that are stacked on top of each other to the right of the photo. That big drawer with the "Stampin' Up!" decal is filled with all of my scraps.

Way back when, my girlfriend Jean had asked to share my "studio" and where I take photos of my creations - so there you have it.... it's actually a baby blanket given to me when Cy was born, and my lil' ol' lamp that does the trick. I have a photo of my set up here. It's basically the baby blanket throw over the "CHAOS" and eliminating everything around it. I will be posting that card that is sitting in my "studio" in a later posting. (Thanks Nancy!!!).

I do not have a photo of my "table of machines" posted here - because that is in a totally different room. Yes, I need to go to the dining room to use my machines, because if I want to use in the middle of the night, that is far enough so I don't wake the family.

When an IF I ever decide to organize this crafty corner of mines - I'll be sure to take some pictures, cause it ain't going to last very long being tidy!!

Hope you all had a good laugh today.... what CHAOS huh??!?! But I totally LOVE IT!! It's cozy, and it's where I get my mojo going... If you participate in Maria's challenge, and post your crafty corner, please let me know so that I can check it out too!!!!