December 1, 2007

Loving my Whipper Snapper stamp

A couple of weeks ago (or maybe months), I headed down to Cute Stuffs (which is located in Puck's Alley). I have never been to Puck's Alley in my whole entire life, until I found out that there was a fricken stamp store located there. When I got there - I was just floored & amazed at how much stamp this woman has in her store. It literally is filled from ceiling to floor - wall to wall. I should almost feel claustrophobic in there. But because it is a store filled with stamps, I don't get that feeling one bit! Tee hee.... Anyways, Lianne (the owner) brought in some Whipper Snapper stamps that I just adored, and HAD to get (this was before my budget hold - which yes, I am STILL on...). Anyways, I had to get those WS stamps, and I have been making a lot of cards with this particular stamp. I just love the turtles that WS makes, - infact, I love all the cute animals that WS make.... they are too cute.

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