December 26, 2007

Hawaiian Spice Angel's Christmas Party

A few weeks ago... I held a Christmas party for my Hawaiian Spice Angels. Unfortunately - 5 Angels (3 from out of state, and 2 of Hawaii) couldn't make it, due to high airline ticket prices during the holiday season, or other scheduling of plans - but they were all in our hearts!!!

I had them do 2 make n' take projects, and then we did Secret Santa - which had to be handmade. Not necessarily by our own hands... as long as it was handmade (see cookies that were handmade, but not made by an Angel). Christmas was in the air.... music, laughter, smiles and stories shared amongst us all. We really didn't want to create - just wanted to kick back n' talk stories. - and end the year with a BANG!!! Each angel was allowed to bring 1 guest (as you can see we have a "Angelo" among us).

Here are the photos taken that long afternoon.... I can't wait to see these ladies in 2008!!!