December 1, 2007

Happy December 1st!!! Advent Calendars from Aunty Karen

Happy December 1st Everyone!!!!

I just wanted to share these photos of the boys. It's a UH Game Night - so Chazz is dressed up again, ready to head out to the game. They each received an Advent Calendar from their Aunty Karen (Charlie's 1/2 sister). Charlie nor I never had Advent Calendars when we were kids - I don't think Hawaii kids ever do. HAH! Infact, I think this celebration derived from England.... and Charlie's ancestors are from there.

Anyways, this calendar is filled with little panels. Each day, beginning on the 1st of December - you open a panel, and within each panel - you will find a lil' candi piece (or perhaps a small toy). In this case, we have sweet yummy milk chocolate. Oh yummy!!! Yes, I had to take a bite off of Cyrus' candi piece, and boy was it smooth, silky and ONOLICIOUS!!!.... tee hee.... everyday until the eve of Christmas - we will open a panel, and reveal a yummy piece to share (as shown my Cyrus). It's so fun during Christmas, ain't it?!?!?!

Thanks Aunty Karen - these are soooo yummy....