December 8, 2007

And The Winner Is.....

It was a FUN FUN week, getting to know about all of you!!!! Thank you all so very much for taking the time to visit, comment, and share your thoughts on here. I had Random.Org select the winner of the package - and here is who it selected (those of you that didn't win....keep reading - you may just be in luck!!):

Jan Scholl

Here's what Jan had posted each day:

Day 1:
I am Jan vegetating in the armpit of America or close to it. Flushing, MI northwest of Flint.

Day 2:

addictions-I have a few but then again too many to list here. Books, comics, newspapers, blankets, running shoes, spices, paper, stamps, flower bulbs,basketball games, tea bags, mascara (its all I wear), vegetarian cook books, the weather channel, ink pads, star wars, star trek, soundtracks, peanut butter, garlic, running, dirt, I must quit now or I will scream!!

Day 3:
I was never into christmas as a kid, My birthday being so close and all and it just was not a happy time anyways. But I always loved Halloween. I used to push my brother in his wheel chair to the steps of houses so he could get treats too. One year when he was 9 and I was 12, someone stole his bag of candy. Just a brute kid, and I gave him mine instead. When some neighbors heard, they brought him more candy which he shared with me. I only really liked the peanut butter ones anyways. He died a few years later but Halloween is always me sitting on the front porch watching and treating the kids. I hope I can do that forever for him.

Day 4: I have always been red--not for any particular reason other than I like it. I have always had red cars (except the one time hubby ordered it-i was sick) He is colorblind and it was green-I sold that sucker in less than a year.

But today I am in a black mood-so I will have to search for something red that is clean--maybe socks.

Day 5:
Isn't this something that someone else should submit? I think of myself as weird, not awesome. here goes--

1.I can find the absurd in anything-maybe not an asset but certainly entertaining.
2.I wont bug you-if you are not in the mood for my presence, I understand and will go away.Just say so-dont flubber.
3. If I invite you,I pick up the tab-I hate eating alone (supper is social to me) and this is my way of engaging humans when I want company-I treat.
4. I dont need a lot of upkeep-so I am a cheap date. Going for a walk makes me happy as does playing in the kid's sandbox. Bling and blare doesnt impress me but laughing does.
5. I will not lie to you or for you-and if that doesnt suit your needs, then go away. Just because you hate someone, dont expect me to hang on with you.
6.I like kids and animals the best, so grownups are just part of the deal-not the main deal, so dont look down on that. Be glad someone takes the time and energy that most dont.
7. I say thank you a lot-because it isnt said enough.

Day 6:
we didnt have a tv when I was really little, so I watched with my gramma who lived next door. We liked Mitch Miller and I love lucy.Then I got into Peyton Place-at age 10! WE had a tv when the kennedy assasination happened and I really got into Sci Fi with my brother, so Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Star Trek

Now I rarely watch at all.

Day 7:
A cross between Grumpy and Sleepy-since they dont have one named Sofa Slug. If I wake him up to talk about anything he is grumpy and back to sleep before I get two words out. And its only 8PM--I get more conversations from the cats. Pretty sad huH? That is what I get for letting him rob the cradle.

I also had 5 more stamps (can't guarantee that they are ALL birds, but they are clear stamps) I had names randomly selected for these too... here are the 5 winners of these stamps:

  1. Cheryl Sims
  2. CAKVD
  3. tyrymom29
  4. jenn
  5. dd2njoy
Congrats to ALL Winners!!! You have 3 days to email me with your snail mail before I select another winner. I had a blast reading everyone's answers. I think I will continue posting daily questions.... what do you think?!?!? It was fun, huh?!?!

Well - we'll see...