November 29, 2007

A Tutorial: Simple Envelope Gift Card Holder

The weather outside is least it was, yesterday morning! Thunder n' Lightning. I love when it rains and I love it MORE when it storms!!!! It's such a "cuddly feeling, stay in the house all day - wearing thick socks n' stamping, sipping on Coffee" kinda day. Of course all of that DIDN'T happen. Instead.... I drove in the rain to my mom's, then to Walmart to do some shopping (not Christmas, just household goods), back home to clean house....(boring!!!!), and then I drank a cup of coffee (which I SHOULD'VE done 1st, right?!?!), and I still didn't get a chance to stamp yet. But I did find this tutorial I did for my Angels a couple of weeks ago. It's a "Simple Envelope Gift Card Holder". I got this idea from my "mama" Wini (who gave me a GC this way, last year), and she initially got the idea from my "aunty" Lois.

Anyways, there are so much possibilities with this simple GC holder, and you can use any type of stamp that you have for any type of occasion. Thought this would be a great idea to pass on, and share!

To view the tutorial for this simple envelope gift card holder - Click Here!

Deets on GC Holder: Stamps ~ TAC; Envelope, Ribbon & CS ~ SU!, Tag ~ TAC

Feel like doing some RAKin'?! Click here!

Have an awesome day....