November 25, 2007

A Tutorial: 6-Point Star Ornament

This star ornament was one of the ornaments that I had for my 5 for $5 projects for this month. I first caught site of it on SCS, and have seen several different tutorials. So, I thought I'd do a version of my own. Being that I used my Scor-Pal to create this project, I thought I'd do this tutorial for my gal Diana, the Scor-Pal creator herself!!! If you haven't gotten yourself a scor-pal yet... check out, and you'll see what else this tool can do for you!!!!

Ok - so to make this 6-point star ornament - you'll need the following tools: Scor-Pal, Crop-A-Dile, 6x6 DS Paper, Stapler, Grosgrain Ribbon, 1 eyelet, Scissors (not shown).

Take your 6x6 DS paper and score using the scor-pal at every inch (1",2",3",4",5")

Now accordion fold your 6x6, start by folding the DS paper as shown in the photo (if you use double sided DS paper - this wouldn't matter).

When done folding on all creases - you will have an accordion folded paper that went from 6" x 6" to 6" x 1".

Now hold all folds together - then cut a diagonal cut on each side.

After both sides are cut - your project should look like the top of a WIDE letter "Y"

Now, fold in half.....

Staple right in the middle - Vertically. You will want to staple as close as possible to the bottom part of the star (as shown in the 2nd photo shown below).

Next step is to open your star, forming the 1st half of your star by connecting the two edges - then staple the edges together.....

You would now do the same thing to the other side, forming the 2nd half of the star.

Photo is showing the flip side of my star ornament. Note where I have placed the staples.

Flip over - and punch a 3/16" hole using your CAD right in the middle of one of the star's tips - like this.

Add your eyelet (from TAC's Lily Ana set). I love the size of these eyelets!!

Take your CAD and set it - you do this by taking the CAD's "Nose In Da Hole" (that's how I have my Angel's remember). The CAD easily sets them in place.

Ok - your star is complete, now all you need is a loop to hang it on your tree. So - take the red grosgrain ribbon, and tie a knot on the bottom of it.

Then thread your knotted ribbon through the eyelet - and whala!!!! All Pau..... Here is a photo of another star ornament that I made using this tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!!!