November 10, 2007

Saturday's Angel Session

Aloha All.... today's session was so much fun!!! Gathering with the other Angels is always full of energy, ideas, food, giggles and fun. Our group consists of 10 angels, including me!!! Although some of the angels weren't able to attend (those on the mainland, and 1 from Hawaii) - they were still very much a part of our group. I made a video of all of those that attended, which I will post to our "Spice Angels" site for the mainland angels to view. =0) It's a short video - nonetheless, it'll sure bridge the gap of distance between all of us.

As promised - here are the projects that we've created for today's gathering. Most ideas were found online through blogland and SCS. Big Mahalos to those that have shared their ideas online - I wouldn't have been able to have this gathering without your ideas. Thank you all soooo very much!!!!

If you're wondering how I handle the diversity of my group (those being on the mainland and here), here is how it goes: I have a gathering with my Hawaiian angels monthly - where they are able to create 5 simply sweet projects - like those shown above, at no cost. A kit of the same projects is mailed monthly to my angels that live on the mainland (or perhaps those that weren't able to make it to my gathering) at no additional cost as well. Shipping is paid for by me. =0) A weekly email is sent out to all my angels - keeping them "in da loop of TAC things", providing them with at least 1 project idea for that week. I've also converted my "FTLOS" site to a site exclusively for my angels only - where we can share ideas and communicate through a forum and gallery. It's been pretty cool getting into all this, and I'm learning from each and every one of these ladies. So far, so good!!!

I will share photos of the attendees on another posting. Right now, I am pooped - and I still have some prepping to do, for my customer class that's coming up on the 15th.

Thanks for stopping by.... tomorrow.... a challenge for you!!!