November 10, 2007

Recent Comment Widget Added To My Sidebar....

Hey All... it's Saturday, and I'm supposed to be gettin' ready for my Angel Session today. Thats in 3 hours. But first - before I go and get ready, I thought I'd share something with all of you in blogland. I have been to several typepad blog sites, and I see that some are able to have a "recent comment" widget on their sidebar. So - curious me, wanted to know if blogger can do the same thing. I googled it, and found out how. Therefore - I've added it to my sidebar... as you can see I have 5 recent comments showing... how cool is that?!?!

To get your own recent comments on your blog site (for blogspot bloggers) - do this:
  • Go into your dashboard

  • Select your blog - click "layout"

  • Select the template tab

  • Now Page Elements

  • Select "Add A Feed" element

  • for the URL you will type in the following: "http//:YOUR WEB TITLE GOES

  • Press continue (the feed will now pop up)

  • Change the title to "Recent Comments"

  • Save Template and move to where you want your widget to be.

  • View Blog.

  • All Pau!
Let me know what you think. I got this info from here.

Have a good day! I will post later our projects.