November 16, 2007

All Natural Accents - Is Now Live!!!!

Remember couple posts back when I told ya that I was designing a website for someone?!?! Well - this person is actually an owner of a LSS (Local Scrap Store) here on the island. Anyways - the site is complete, and is now ready to go!!! To my surprise - the owner of the store, Brian, has admired my work from afar (he's actually located pretty far from me, but has been reading my blog!!!). We've communicated via email and telephone, and everything has pretty much been done through today's wonderful technology. Anyways, Brian has asked me to be on his Design Team for his All Natural Accent line!!! WOW Wee!!! Now, this isn't his actual store that is online, it is just a line of products that he is selling - which is called "All Natural Accents". Brian is actually the owner of Photo Craft located in Waialae. Check out the gallery to see some of his awesome work, along with projects created by some of his other friends.

This is my 1st creation on my Bella card, using Red Hibiscus flowers, and Tinted Birch Leaves. Accenting my card naturally is way cool! It just adds to my card....don't cha think?!?! So pretty - and there are 10 colors to choose from.....

Head on over to All Natural Accents....and see if you likey anything. I'm so excited for Brian!!! Way to go, dude!!!