October 11, 2007

TuTech Thursday - Pull Out Popcorn/Hot Chocolate Thing-a-ma-bob

Hello Ladies....

It's Tutech Thursday here on Pieces of Me.... Thursdays is the days that I share tutorials or techniques, hence the "tutech" title. This here is one of the projects that I had my ladies do for my 5 for $5 session that was scheduled on the 6th of October. I actually seen this idea floating around blogland here n' there, but decided to do it when I saw it on Rita's site. Thanks for the idea, Rita.

The thing is, instead of untying the ribbon to get to your popcorn (or you can use with hot chocolate for the winter season coming around the corner), you would just pull on the ribbon, and out comes the popcorn with your ribbon. The ribbon goes through the slot punches, and under the popcorn, so when it is pulled - it comes out with it. See the pictures here. I have 2 different popcorn thingy, cause I ran out of Orange CS, so I switched to Black CS instead. Plus I thought I was using a little too much for that stamp set with the pumpkin (see previous post). All supplies are of TAC.... You may view the tutorial that Rita did here.

I have been asked several times by some of my friends - "How are you liking TAC so far?!"... my answer... "I am totally loving it!!!!". I have found that there are a lot of lined images, that TAC offers. I was sorta afraid of this at the start, but because they have so many lined art images, it is really bringing out the artistic coloring part of me - I am enjoying the fact that I am able to experiment with different colors, and I don't have to bring out all sorts of ink pads for different colors all the time. I love the bold look as well - but with these lined art images, it just makes it all different, ya know?! TAC's images are cute, wacky and whimsical, just an all around type of deal, ya know?!. I totally have no regrets for jumping ship, especially because if you were like me - making your own quota with Stampin' Up! meant buying your own sales of $300 a quarter. The State of Hawaii is already saturated with SU! gals, I could hold a class, and my customers would purchase from themselves......that's how saturated it is... haahhaa - too funny!!! Anyways, now, I just spend $100 every 4 months rather than $300 every 3 months, and this allows me to feed my hunger of stamps - at the same time, all that $$$$ that I used to spend with SU! can now go towards other stamp companies...Hero Arts, Penny Black, CTMH, and YES I still buy SU! stuffs. So you see, loving everything about TAC - also allows me to love everything else out there too.

Have a great evening!!!!

Hugs n' Aloha,