October 31, 2007

A Trick O Treatin Night

What a fun night it was for the Youngs! Cyrus on the other hand thought it was a "Fright Night" before we headed out. He saw me doing the make up's for his brother and his cousin, and he totally freaked out. It was the first year that Chazz n' Darrian (my niece, my sister's kid) went "Frightful", as they've always gone as the "dressed up, cover the face with the mask" kinda costume. I told them this year, since they're getting older.... "just put make-up on your face, just like mommy did when she was a kid". They agreed!!! The best part about it for me, was putting on their make up. =0) Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, cause I had a brief second of realization that I too was in that seat, with my mom doing my make up. Now "BAM!" the tables have turned!!! What an awesome feeling, huh?!?!!

So while Cyrus sees me doing the make up for the older kids, he decides to put on his costume - a green dragon. But when he sees how frightful they look, he decides that he doesn't want to go out and "see the others", so he takes off his costume. I'm like.... "um, nobody is home to watch you - so you gotta come"... he's all, "no....I can stay here, and I will wait for you to come back".... so, I had to get him dressed up, sorta with a struggle - and get him out of the house so he could really see how fun it is. By the time we got to the 1st house, he totally forgot all his worries. Besides, there were no other kids out on the streets anyways. It was a boring night on our street. After going around the block - we headed to Grandma's n' Grandpa's house. They got some treats there, and we just unwind for a little. My sister came and got Darrian, then we too were off to our home.

The kids all got bags full of candies.... both bags now sit tied up, on our counter - high beyond Cyrus' reach. The feeling of getting free candy is now over.....

Hope you all have a wonderful, frightful, fun night!!!