October 7, 2007

Sweet Candi Pieces....30,000 hits.....

WOW!!! It is time for some Sweet Candi Pieces giveaway!!!! I am completely blown away at the # of hits my blog has gotten within the time that I started this thing. Making new friends, learning new things - this is just a whole new world for me. It is also the "one stop spot" for both my family and friends to "be in the know" of what the "Young's" have been up to. So I am totally enjoying the fact that I need to keep this blog up to date. To show my appreciation to those that continously visit and leave me comments, I give away "Sweet Candi Pieces" every 10,000 hits. 30,000 hits came pretty quickly - I gotta tell ya!!!!

Anyways, let's get on with my giveaway... if you know me, you know I like keeping my giveaway challenges simply sweet n' FUN!!! So - to get a chance at winning some Sweet Candi Pieces.... you need to tell me this.... you will need your speakers for this challenge... listen to the song playing right now on my blog - and tell me what 2001 hit movie was this song played in. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me with your answer(s) - DO NOT post the answer in a comment.

I will gather a bunch of goodies, and post a picture later this week of what is up for grabs. This giveaway will last 2 weeks - last day to guess will be on the 20th, and a winner will be randomly selected and announced on the 21st of October...... Good Luck - you may guess as many times as you want.