October 13, 2007

Simply Sweet Saturday - A Gift Log

Happy Saturday All!!!! I have a session today, creating this cute tablet... here is a sample, and because it is a simple creation - it's perfect for my "Simply Sweet Saturday" theme. This is basically a composition tablet, covered - somewhat like a huge card. DP is TAC, and stamp is Whipper Snapper. I have 6 ladies attending today, and each one will have a different covered DP tablet, as we are using the DP from TAC's Merry Wishes paper kit. I used SU!'s Tab Punch for the "To" and "From" tabs. I used TAC's Level D Hostess Alphabet Set to stamp the word "joy" on the bottom of this tablet. ETA: I used Modge Pod for this entire project. Mono Adhesive was NOT used at all. The Modge Pod held everything together, just fine. Also - the edges were hand cut, not punched with the corner rounder punch. Any excess paper was sanded down with a sand block. This tablet is actually a "Gift Log" - I make a gift log annually. Most times, I use it for Christmas - sometimes, I will use it all year long, for Birthdays, Picture Giving, Easter, etc., etc., it's a simple way for me to keep track of gifts I gave and received. Why?!....Well, I have sooo many family members, friends and kids in my circle of connection, it may happen where I give someone the same gift twice... or in the case of "receiving things"... one year, I gave someone a gift... the next year - it came back to me! It would've been ok if it wasn't the EXACT SAME gift back (the one I actually gave her)!!!!! hahaha... and the only reason I remember this, was because it was written in my log, of course it looked familiar when I opened the package - but when I ck'd my log, and confirmed that I gave this person that particular product.... what a hoot!!! I think she needs a log too!!! hahhaha....

Have a great Saturday - I'm off to set up!!!