October 27, 2007

Simply Sweet Saturday - 10/27

Aloha All!!! I have a session today. We'll be making a "Hanging Coaster Scrapbook Album". I will post later some pics and the project itself. For now, my "Simply Sweet" creation for Saturday.

It's actually a card that I am fulfilling for an order of mines. Yes Jill, this one's part of your's. =)

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting lately. I guess this week has been filled with many things to do. But I promise to be back this week with a challenge, and more postings.

May you all have an awesome weekend. And see ya all later!!!

Card Detail: All Supplies are of SU! (P.S. - I'm soooo happy that SU! has finally tweaked their policy to allow purchasers the right to sell their created projects. To the woman that wanted to take my cards off the shelf of my sister's store...."kiss my grits, honey")