October 18, 2007

A RAK from Flossie to Dottie

Ms Dottie n' Ms Flossie signed up for my JT RAK Club for the month of October, and Ms Flossie was matched up to RAK Ms Dottie - and that she did!!!! Ms Dottie does NOT have a blog....so I am showcasing her awesome RAK from Ms Flossie right here!!!! Look at all the goodies Ms Flossie sent Ms Dottie's way!!!! I am totally stoked that all of you are enjoying the monthly RAK thingy!!! Pretty soon, it is time for November's RAK.

Which brings me to ask all of you that participates monthly - what do you think about me opening it up to foreign countries?! I have had several requests of ladies that would LOVE to join in - but I wasn't sure about how all of you would feel. The reason why I want to ask all of you is because shipping fees ultimately ends up in your lap if you should receive someone from across the world. Please post a comment here and let me know what you think.....