November 3, 2007

RAK Attacks!!!!

I've been attacked with RAK's!!!!! I was not the only ones attacked with RAK's.... my kiddies were attacked as well... and we are totally grateful!!! Thank you all for these awesome RAKs.... check it out....

From Michelle (aka Meg Bee Designs).... Michelle was a RAK match up for my October's JT RAK!! It felt like I won blog candi when I got her package!!! What a treat!!! Thanks for playing Michelle - and thanks for these awesome goodies!!! I totally love her pink "cancer awareness" card that she created. The stamp that she used is a MFT stamp that I am seriously thinking about getting. Thanks again Michelle!!!

This is from Beth - she sent it "just because". Thanks Beth!!! It's a gate fold card, that is so prettily layered!!! An awesome creation. Beth is one of my readers - however, she does NOT have a blog site.... Such a cute friendly card!!!
The kiddies got goodie bags from their Aunty Teri - she gave them goodie bags for Halloween. Thank you soooo much Aunty Teri!!! So sweet of you. The boys shared with their cousin Darrian!
This card was created by Erica - of Canada. She sent me this card to thank me for the Cancer Awareness bracelets. This is a very pretty card, huh?!?!? Thanks Erica!!! It's gorgeous!!!!
An elegant card this is - Nancy is my upline. She sent this card to thank me for the goodies I sent to her and her family. Thank you for this beauty, Nancy!!

This very adorable card was made by downline, Jodie. I was totally tickled to open this. Cause Jodie knows what witches we both can be together - huh Jodie?!?!?! tee hee... you can't see - but the green CS that she used is actually a little sparkly. Thanks for the luv, Jo!!!!

This gorgeous RAK is from my downline, Jana. Jana made this cute wormy card, and her chocolate nugget holder is the bestest!!! I haven't eaten them yet - but what an awesome idea!!! Thanks Jana!!
This RAK was mailed to the boys... can you guess by whom? Their Aunty Flossie, of course!!! Cyrus received this bottle filled with Halloween goodies. Because Chazz wasn't home from school - he held on to it until we went and got Chazz from school.

When Chazz got home - Cy was one happy guy!!! He n' Chazz ripped through that bottle, and smiled from ear to ear.... their Aunty Flossie sent ATC cards, mini notepads, pens, candy flashlights (only thing, Cy hasn't figured out that it's candy yet!!!), pez candies, magnets, and adorable socks for each of them!!!Here's my goodie from Aunty Flossie (of course she's not going to leave me out!) - such a sweetie!!! I got a pair of socks as well... tee hee... too cute!!! I also got an adorable card, and some rubbah on wood, and some stickers - totally Love them all!!!!

These have come in within the last 2 weeks. Sorry it took me so long to post, I am totally grateful to have all of you in my circle of blogland friends - Big Mwahs to all of you.....

Hugs, hugs, hugs n' more hugs......