October 30, 2007

Projects From Saturday's Session

Howzit Gurlz...(I don't think there are any guys out there reading my blog - but if there is, no get offended, post a comment - and let me know, so I can address you accordingly the next time). Here is the project that we did this pass Saturday. I have posted here close up of all the coasters first decorated, and then if you keep scrolling to the bottom - you going see the finished project with pictures and all. I going give this project to my mom for Thanksgiving. I never give anything to my mom for Thanksgiving before, so this the first time. I have 5 other siblings. This creation only features me n' my family. Sometimes, when making things for my mom, I think, "should I make one with everybody (my other siblings), or just of my family?".... but thats ok, I'll just wait for Mother's Day to go do that. Did I make one for my MIL? No, not yet. I probably will though. Had so much fun making this project, so it'll be fun to do another one. But that means I better make one more for me too. Right?!

Anyways, I'm having an encore session of this project. One of my girlfriends - "Ali Kat" - came, but her baby was sick in the car. I told her "go home, come back one anada day". Then 2 of my ladies that came just to "check it out" but not do the project, now wanted to do the project too. But I didn't have enough kits - cause I only bought for whoever reserved! SO NOW... I going have one encore session - have 3 ladies coming, and I invited a few more, if they can make it. Not even sure if they are SAHM's or Retired Foxies. Cause that lady (and her friend), I only met online - but she's here in Hawaii too, and said she wanted to come to my classes. So I figure I invite her to this class, and if she can make it during the weekday. If she can, can, if no can, no can. Eventually, I'll meet her in person, just like I did with "Ali Kat" - ya girl!??!

K, here's the project.....

The next picture is of the "hinges" that I used to connect the coasters to each other. I used TAC's Boot Loopy Brads (Earth) Kit. In this kit, get everything you need to do this project. Get the brads that look like hinges - and get the middle part that I actually used for the top of this project. Even the scrapper's floss (that looks like color twine) came with it. EVERYTHING!!!! But if you like buy difference colored scrapper's floss, TAC get all kine different colored ones too. Check it out here!

Now here is the complete project with my photos. Like I said earlier, I going give this to my mom. So I had to put some gorgeous shots of the lady....KWIM!?!?!?!

This one is of Cyrus, holding this plant that he bought for her. So cute! He was so happy to be giving his grandma this 97 cents plant from Walmart.

Here's me n' my main squeeze. We're at my mom's during Easter of this year. I think was Easter. Notice our matching glasses?!

Awwww... and a picture of my mom with her "Lucky #7" grandson....
Here's me n' my emerald Chazz....
Now me again, and the lady that gave me my good looks. =0)

Here's Cy - trying on some hats at the Champs store at Pearl Ridge, same day we were out with my mom.My stud muffin husband and Cyrus, doing "Hey Dude"....

Here I am with the man that I get my silliness from....my daddy!!!!

As you can see - I am putting good use to the buttons that my cousin Wendy gave me. Thanks Woman!!! It sure matches the DS Paper I used for this project, what was TAC's Amelia DS Paper Kit. In this kit, you get one sheet of each design, and one sheet with an assortment of coordinating die-cut cardstock tags and embellishments. Acid & lignin free. Made in the USA!
The Coasters are TAC's 4 x 4 Square Coasters, so with this kit - the ladies went home with enough to make 3 more hanging coaster album thingy. The coasters are black on one side, and white on the other. But when you cover 'em with the paper, who the heck can tell? hahaha... I used my good ol' Crop-A-Dile for punching the holes through these babies. Which by the way - did you know, if you placed a TAC order, you can earn a 1/2 priced item, and get anything, yes anything in the TAC catalog at 1/2 price? So that means, if you want this Crop-A-Dile, and qualify for a 1/2 priced item - you can get it for $15, instead of the retail price of $30! You gotta check it out.... just hit me up with an email, if you are curious and want to find out how to take advantage of this. I used Modge Podge from Walmart to stick the DS paper to each coaster. Wasn't that messy. My girlfriend Gina told me to try and get the "Royal Court" brand. So since my Modge Podge is almost gone, then I probably going try check that one out. Sure saves on me using my Mono Adhesives for projects like this. So that's good. I like the smell of it too!!!

Ok - well I gotta go. It's windy, and sunny, and the air condition is off so that I can enjoy the air flow through my house. But, I gotta head to Sam's Club and get stuffs for the house. So I will catch all of you later...tomorrow maybe?!