October 18, 2007

Photos From Last Week's "Creative Tablets" Session

Last week Saturday, I had a session for "Creative Tablets", which I posted the created tablet that we've made here. I took some pictures of the ladies creating their tablets, and some were even taken by Cyrus too!!! Looking back at these pictures - makes me smile.... we had so much fun!!!!

I missed some of the ladies that attended earlier. But that's ok - I was able to get these bunch of ladies... tee hee!!!! Everyone had a great time!!!

Here's Sandy - hard at work....or hardly working?

Here's Ali - shopping for some goodies.....she finished her project pretty quick!

Here's Jo, concentrating hard....
Another angle of the ladies hard at work.... Jo got a specially made "Jen-Bucks" (it's my version of a Starbucks Coffee.... yumm-o!!!
Cyrus... playin' around with one of his aunties....
pee-a-boo.... such a cute silly face - but I wonder who he could be playin' with.... cause there's my butt in the upper right corner - so it can't be me!!!!

It's his Aunty Irene!!!!! So cute!!! Cyrus took this photo from his point of view. What a fun aunty!!!

Looks like they took a headshot of their own too....