October 29, 2007

Manic Monday....Beate's Challenge

Happy Monday Y'all... is it Y'all or Ya'll?! Well, whatevahs... here is where you can find details on Beate's Challenge. Her challenge is to create a "Z" fold card... if you dunno what that is - then I suggest you check Beate's blog - she pretty much explains it here on how she did her sample, so now you can get an idea on how to do it.

Well, here is mines..... how you like them nails?! I actually made this card for Jana who is one of my Spice Angels, and is also in my BDay RAK Club. She celebrated her birthday in August. I sent it to her late. (Sorry Girl!!)....oh no, I nevah send it just now - I sent it back about 3 weeks ago, and she already got 'em way back when too. Well, everybody in Hawaii pretty much know that we're laid back here - I know, it's a bad habit, and maybe if we weren't so laid back, we'd be on top of things more often (hahaha, I'm sure there's girls out there saying, "speak for yourself, Jen" - well, I am!!! hahaha). But no can help.... we just take things lightly - and go with the flow of things. Tee hee... The good thing is, we know when to do things that are hot potatoes, and when they gotta get done, they gotta get done. Right?!?!? (All nodding n' smiling at the same time).

Ok, in the photo, my finger is holding down the card, cause if you know a "Z" card, it'll just pop open if you don't hold it down. OK?! For those of you that don't want to click on the link to Beate's "Z" fold explanation that I put up above - let me try and explain it here. It's a standard card, 5-1/2" x 4-1/2" card, the card fold is on the left. (So you gotta turn the card 90 degrees to the left side). Then the front of the card is folded towards you making a fold right in the middle of the front panel of the card, and that fold is going to the right. Got It? Hahaha... Ok - then you take another layer of cardstock, which I have my stamped image on, and then you stick half of that piece to half of the half fold. When you done, and you look at the card from the top as it opens - and it looks like a "Z" and thats how come it's called a "Z" fold card. Pretty ingenious, yea?!

So here is the inside of the card. NO, thats not funky type of DS paper - I blurred out my writing to Jana, so I can keep my note to her secret. =0)

Anyways, as you can see - on the left side of the photo, I even went put DS paper to match the inside part when I wrote. Jana loves cows, so I knew exactly what stamp image to use for her birthday card. Now THATS ingenious! hahahahaa

Here's the card details:

Stamp: TAC
DS Paper: TAC

BTW - today's posting was done mostly in pidgin. This is pretty much the way I talk everyday. I think I like writing like this. It makes my writing go faster, and I don't have to go back and fix everything that I think might be wrong. So, if you can handle it - I will probably start posting in my everyday pidgin talking style. If you no can handle, then you probably just gotta visit and see my creations instead of hear me talk. But either way works. I still happy.

Have a great week!!! Come back tomorrow. I'll post the project that we did from my Saturday's session. No Miss Out.

Oh yea, no fo'get, sign up for my JT RAK Club - November, while still open, and the max not met yet. No Be Shy!!!