October 20, 2007

Lion King Photos

Happy Aloha Saturday All.... (I would've posted this earlier - if blogger didn't have problems with uploading photos)....anyways....

What a wonderful show "The Lion King" was. Oh the excitement I was feeling during the earlier part of the day. Can you imagine? I was sining, "I Just Can't Wait To Be King!!!" while stamping... the adrenaline was just building up!! Cyrus on the other hand was scared.... through out the day - I kept telling him that we were going to go to see "The Ling King" later that night, and his response was...."no...." (with it going high pitched in the end). Well.... when time came, and we got to the theater - he was definitely nervous. He didn't want it to get dark. But let me tell ya - when those lights went out, and the music starter - Cy was in awe the whole 1st part. Yes... just the 1st part of the show. The 2nd part, well - that was a different story, as it was already nearing his bed time - and he for sure was getting restless about the whole bit. Although most of the time we were there, he sat on my lap - I think he did great overall. Chazz really enjoyed the show. Even though he's seen the movie thousands of times, he got a kick out of all the stage effects that they had. Charlie and I loved it so much, we're thinking of going again - maybe next month, this time, just he n' I during a romantic date. =0) Marvelous!!! I'll keep everyone posted. Now these pictures here were taken before the performance. They have a strict policy about not taking any photos once the show starts. I wasn't gutsy enough to take pics. Outside of the hall (oh yea, we went to the Blaisedell - Maria), they had a HUGE lighted image of the Lion King's head itself. Talk about chicken skin ("goosebumps" to those on the mainland).