October 12, 2007

Just Sharing.....

ETA: Although my story below "seems" like I am the one that found the turtle location - it was actually my darling husband that found the spot! hahahha..... Just wanted to clear things up.... hahahha....

Last weekend, we had some friends visiting from Seattle. Bernee n' Danny are both dear friends to Charlie and I, they are also God Parents to both Chazz n' Cyrus. They moved to Seattle about 10 years ago.... and tries to visit at least every 1-2 years. We went around the island (there isn't much to do here), but we went to look for the "Honu Basking Area" - Honu means "Turtle" in Hawaiian. We found it easily....thanks to Barb's direction of "If you pass the 2-story yellow house on the left, then you pass it already".... funny how us locals can totally understand each other - even though there isn't much information given.... I saw the Yellow house - it was super HUGE....so of course, no one would miss it - and I said, "Right there the house....this must be it!!!". We parked...and checked out the Honus!!! There were about 12 honus in the water, while once in a while 1 or 2 would come on to shore, and bask in the sun.... (see video below). It was sooo cool to be soooo close to the honus, and for them to just stay there, and relax, without a care in the world while we were just feets away. There was a UH Scientist there though - to make sure that the public wouldn't get too close to the honus, he would come to put out a rope, and place it down where it would be far enough for us to keep our distance. However, he only had 1 rope. So when there were 2 honus on the shore, pretty far apart.... we wondered what he would do. So we stuck around, and hung out to see what would happen.... and just that very thing happened. While this honu here (shown above) was kickin' back - another honu decided to come to shore... but the funny thing is - the honu above must've known, cause he started moving towards the ocean... the Scientist came on over, took the rope and just as he laid out the rope for the other honu, he too began heading for the ocean. So the Scientist really had no reason to put his rope down. Too funny!!!

What fun we had... I had to take a picture of Chazz here, to show how close we were to these fellas. It was sooo cool - so if you head on here to the island of Oahu, go towards the North Shore, pass Haleiwa town, and right before the 2 story yellow house - you will reach the basking area for the honus. Just make sure - if you pass the 2 story yellow house, you pass the area, you gotta turn back.

On the way home - we passed "Chinaman's Hat".... it's always fun to go riding around the island, and checking out the scenery. Because Dan n' Bern are originally from Hawaii, we didn't need to stop at every spot. But what we did have to do was to go to Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. Onolicious Garlic Shrimp!!!!! Again, if you're looking for ono tasting shrimp, you have to look for Giovanni's WHITE Shrimp Truck... they got the best - although you'll wait at least 20 minutes to get your plate, but it is well worth it!!!!!

Anyways, below you will find a slide show I've made of Dan n' Bern's visit with us - photos were taken during our dinner gathering, and of our trip around the island. I also made a video of the Honu's basking in the sun - so be sure to check both out....it's been awhile since I've shared a lil' bit of Hawai'i Nei, eh?!