October 30, 2007

**CLOSED** JT's RAK Club Sign Ups for November....

Aloha All!!! Here's the list of November's JT RAK Club Participants. Yea, I know - I said I was only going to take 30 people, but you all know me..... so, I'll match all of you up - so be on a lookout for an email from me.

  1. Jen Young (US)
  2. Teri Suzuki (US)
  3. Nancy Elrick (Canada)
  4. Tracy Houghton (Canada)
  5. Tess Youd (Aus)
  6. Jayne Cons (US)
  7. Penny McMillan (US)
  8. Mary Bennett (US)
  9. Dawn Easton (Canada)
  10. Pat Sergeant (US)
  11. Dottie K (US)
  12. Florence Savarese (US)
  13. Laura Leonard (US)
  14. Ellie Augustin (US)
  15. Julie Villenueve (US)
  16. Amber Basham Robson (US)
  17. Jana Oliveira (US)
  18. Melissa Schabel (US)
  19. Melissa Fincham (US)
  20. Moe Montenegro (US)
  21. Rhonda Favreau (Canada)
  22. Heather Huggins (US)
  23. Katie Skiff (US)
  24. Lorrie Brewer (US)
  25. Rita Santos (US)
  26. Melissa Groenink (Canada)
  27. Christina Williams (US)
  28. Deb Golan (US)
  29. Jodie Cole (US)
  30. Liann Milangi (US)
  31. Michelle Sturgeon (Canada)
  32. Ana Buchanan (US)
  33. Connie Hacker (US)
  34. Alexis R