October 11, 2007

I was tagged!!!! The Name Game

I too was tagged..... um.... I think I'm going to sit this one out.... for one thing...everyone out there got "English" middle names. In the Filipino culture your middle name is actually your mom's maiden name, which meant that everyone in my family from the eldest sibling to myself (I am the youngest of 6) - we all have the SAME middle name - and when you get married, if you're female - your middle name is dropped, and then you take your father's last name (or your own last name), and that becomes your "new" middle name..... and because Maria has warned me about security purposes, and putting out some of my personal info on here for all the world to see - I better not play along. Besides Maria, does anyone else have their mother's maiden name for a middle name?! Maybe El?! Do you find this strange? I used to wish I had a middle name that was something like "Tracy" or "Gayle" sounds so sexy to have 2 names, ya know.... can you imagine?! "Jen Gayle Young".... ohhhh la-la!!